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3D Information | other things of interest
3D Information View-Master™ Camera
The camera made by View-Master™ for consumers to take their very own View-Master™ photographs. It uses 35mm slide film and, though no longer manufactured, they can be found on eBay and in some camera stores.

Reel Mounts
Somebody is finally re-manufacturing the reel mounts needed to use with the View-Master™ camera. Here is his web site.
The world's largest stereoscopy site! Excellent site that can teach you, or link you to, everything you ever wanted to know about stereo photography.

History of Stereo Photography
Perhaps you knew that Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the idea of paired image stereoscopy in 1833, but did you know he also invented the concertina?

Viewmaster Resource Site
Fabulous site with all kinds of information about Viewmaster history, production, and collecting.

3D Center of Art and Photography
1928 NW Lovejoy
Portland OR 97209
Open 12-5 Fri-Sun
Yes, Portland has a new 3D museum run by the Cascade Stereo Club. Don't miss the fabulous 3D slide shows.

Cascade Stereo Club
Portland-area stereo photography club with weekly meetings held at the 3D Museum.

National Stereo Association
National stereo photography club.

other things of interest Peripheral Produce
Peripheral Produce organizes the yearly PDX Film Fest as well as other experimental and underground film screenings. Also the source for excellent videos and DVDs by the likes of Craig Baldwin, Miranda July, Matt McCormick and Vanessa Renwick.

Ann Ploeger
Amazing photogrpher with the ability to make ordinary people look just like rock stars. See her picture of Vladimir on the bio page.

Sampo Films
Web site for Nick Peterson who makes gorgeous deadpan films that edge between the very funny and the very sad. Including his most recent feature-length musical YELLOW which features a Vladmaster performance.

Blue Moon Camera
Portland's finest camera store. Featuring wonderful knowledgable staff, an amazing selection of new and used equipment, and even restored and warrantied typewriters.

Andy Blubaugh
Very talented Portland filmmaker who makes short personal narratives including his most recent, SCAREDYCAT, about being mugged.

Web site of the lovely and talented Rob Tyler who makes short films celebrating the glories of small household appliances. Also film paintings.

Tiny Picture Club
Semi-hiatused Super8 filmmaking collective with occasional traveling screenings. There are some very helpful hand-processing instructions also on the site.