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Fear & Trembling Vladmaster Set
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includes 4 disks, storage box, and mini-CD soundtrack
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Fear & Trembling is about a dinner party as seen from inside the head of someone who probably shouldn't have come. Escape is sought and perhaps found. Oranges and blues dominate the color scheme. Soup and prawns are on the menu.

This Vladmaster is narrationless. The found-sound soundtrack is by Morgan Hobart and features a blip noise to cue the change from photo to photo. There is a brief introduction by Andy Blubaugh. The protagonist is played by Erin Rackelman and the dinner party guests are played by Andy Blubaugh, Steven Horne, Melinda Kowalski, and Ann Ploeger

This set consists of four handmade Vladmaster reels, the box to keep them in, and the mini-cd soundtrack. The story was written and photographed by Vladimir who also designed the reels and box.
Fear & Trembling

still from
fear & trembling

still from
fear & trembling

still from
fear & trembling

still from
fear & trembling

disk one
front and back

disk two
front and back

disk three
front and back

disk four
front and back

fear & trembling
vladmaster set

box exterior
front and back

box interior

mini-cd soundtrack